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Acronym pluralizations.


How do I pluralize an acronym? Do I add an apostrophe s, or just an s, or what?


In the English language, acronyms are considered words. Treat them as you would any other word in the English language.

When expressing ownership, you would use an apostrophe:
IBM's earnings increased this quarter.
I was impressed by NASA's new rocket.

In most cases, just add an s:
I backed up my hard drive onto three CDs.
I helped install 20 new PCs in the computer room.

In the several years I've been researching acronyms, I have not found many hard set rules where acronyms are concerned. As long as you follow all the English language rules as if the acronym were a regular word, you should be ok.

Submitted by: Robert Fogt
Last Updated: September 28th, 2003