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RKA or RSA - Russian Space Agency

The Russian Space Agency (RKA) was formed after the breakup of the former Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Soviet space program. The RKA uses the technology and launch sites that belonged to the former Soviet space program. Currently, the RKA has centralized control of Russia's civilian space program, including all manned and unmanned nonmilitary space flights.

The Russian Space Agency (RSA) was created on February 25,1992 by Decree issued by the President of the Russian Federation.

RSA is the federal body of executive authority which is defining implementation of state policy in space research and exploration for peaceful purposes and execution of Federal space program.

Agency is also defined as the State customer for scientific and national economy space program R&D activities being conducted, under conversion programs, by organizations and enterprises in its authority.

The main goal of RSA is providing effective solutions to social and economical tasks and promoting Russia's interests on the international space arena.

Source: NASA web site and RSA web site
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